Educating India

Bookswarm is very proud to have sponsored a young lady of our acquaintance , Eden Shelton, who has been selected by the Cred Foundation to travel to India for 2 weeks to teach English, reading and writing in a school! She is going in October 2013 and will be going to help in a school for mostly orphans and children in poverty.

At the point she volunteered for this opportunity, Eden is only 13 years old. If you think that’s as impressive as we do, Eden has a Justgiving page where you too can donate. We wish Eden lots of luck with her fundraising target, and then with her trip next year!

Upskill, upskill and play the game

Simon’s been blogging for Futurebook again – this time the focus is on digital skills in publishing. He says it’s not just the skills themselves that are important, but communicating and demonstrating digital more effectively to staff, authors and agents to increase everyone’s level of confidence and improve engagement in the debate about digital publishing.

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Bookswarm and Aimer Media create golf app for Octopus

As part of our consultancy engagement with Octopus Publishing Group, and working with ace app developers Aimer Media, we are proud to present a new app for iPhone and iPad, Decisions on the Rules of Golf. The Decisions on the Rules of Golf is the official interpretation of the Rules of Golf from the game’s ruling body. It provides clear answers to practical problems encountered when playing golf.

Be 100% sure, every time. Carry every official Decision and Rule of golf with you wherever you go – over 1,300 in all! Now you can instantly find clear answers to any Rules query – with just a few taps of your iPhone or iPad.

The Decisions on the Rules of Golf is the official interpretation of the Rules of Golf from the R&A – the game’s governing body. It provides clear answers to practical golfing problems. Decisions follow a simple question-and-answer format, making them easy to understand and act upon.

At last there’s an app that contains all the Decisions as agreed by R&A Rules Limited and the USGA in 2012 (the last time the Rules were updated). No longer do you have to navigate your way through the 700 pages in the official book!

The Decisions on the Rules of Golf not only services all your Rules needs, but includes useful videos and illustrations so you can see how they are implemented. You can even store Decisions that you frequently refer to, or that you think you might need, in the ‘My Decisions’ section.

Download the app today.

If you have books that would make good apps, or need apps as an integral part of your publishing strategy, get in touch. You can also learn more about delivering digital projects with the Publishing Training Centre.